GRCH UWP Matrix's Virtual Buddha

was bred to

GRCH UWP UCD Matrix's Lil Red Pill o WhizBang CGC

The following are the 3 pups from this litter

3 UWP so far


UKC pointed, UWP Reloaded Merovingian of Matrix (ENGINE)

above at 8 months



UKC 2 majors toward Champion

  UWP Cruz's Ramachandran of Matrix (Warrior Prince)

above at 7 months

RAMA takes two Best of Winners and a Reserve Best Male at this first set of shows!



UWP Xdogs root access to the Matrix (Linux)

above at 7 months

  Coowned Reloaded Kennels

Reloaded's Merovingian of Matrix

  Coowned X-dogs Kennels

UWP XDog Root Access to the Matrix


  Coowned Peter Cruz TX

Cruz's Ramachandran of Matrix


The boys at 3 weeks

Oh yeah!  Good Looking what's cooking?

OH MY!  What a warrior angel he is!


The girls at 3 weeks

She is Something special this one!  Walking and talking at 2 weeks old!


baby baby pics below ;-)

Male 1


Male 2


Female 1


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