Welcome to Reloaded Kennels

Home of the first Dual Grand Champion in History

We at Reloaded Kennels accepted the red pill offered by Matrix, knowing it is a long road ahead.  We at Reloaded Kennels are strong, determined, a family of honor, and definitely in this for the long haul.   It is not about money or glory to us, it is about the REAL APBT.  These dogs give so much and we will not let them down, we will give back to the community with our hearts and strength.  We will become breed ambassadors.  Reloaded has joined the Matrix Kennels family and we will help take this to the next level.  We have dedicated ourselves and our lives to the

American Pit Bull Terrier.

Seven Years has begun!  Time is ticking!  Reloaded is here! Long Live The Matrix family!


Yes we too are big fans of the Matrix Movies, games, animation and music GO BUY EM ALL!